How do you dare to try?

English in this era represent an compulsion. It is not strange many mouldy courses place in our fatherland. This matter is no other and do not not because of Ianguage which one this represent one of the absolute Ianguage have to master if we like to explore world.

Ability of Ianguage it is of course have to continue to be improved. Even he or she said one who is billingual (owning special capability more kind of language), earn more ageless,... whew is it true?

So if you feel to wish test ability of your English, I thik you should visit http://www.english-test.net. According to news which I earn, this web provide English problems from various theme and to all ladder start from level elementary till advanced

How do you dare to try?How do you dare to try?

From : PC Mild 17/2007
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