Migration CMS Joomla 1.x to 1,.5

That day, I confused about how to migration CMS (as you know content mamagement system) Joomla. This is because I want to use Joomla 1.52 version, but I still use 1.013 version. Many differences about both of them so, I worry about databases like user and posted news in my old websites. In the end I choose one. Yeah I choose Joomla 1.52 version with big risk. I loss my data and all of my old data.
This is my experience, how to manage migration and looking for news, tips and trick to migration. Don't just DO IT. After that I open the internet and use google to search how to joomla migration Joomla 1.x to 1.5. At least I get this link. AH that what I need. From this site I can find tool that I need to use them to start my migration. That tool is in here. Also I must find some other plugin to back-up my site completely. The Lesson today : If you will do migration or will do anything dont't forget to search knowledge and documentation that can help u to reduce wrong.


How do you dare to try?

English in this era represent an compulsion. It is not strange many mouldy courses place in our fatherland. This matter is no other and do not not because of Ianguage which one this represent one of the absolute Ianguage have to master if we like to explore world.

Ability of Ianguage it is of course have to continue to be improved. Even he or she said one who is billingual (owning special capability more kind of language), earn more ageless,... whew is it true?

So if you feel to wish test ability of your English, I thik you should visit http://www.english-test.net. According to news which I earn, this web provide English problems from various theme and to all ladder start from level elementary till advanced

How do you dare to try?How do you dare to try?

From : PC Mild 17/2007

A Poetry for Teacher

That night don't know what day yes I forget again. As usual I play computer in office work. Sudden there, a security package call me. Oh, that surprised me, he order to write a its child masterpiece poem. Masterpiece child here you are:

Spirit of smouldering
As perfervid fire
You are light in darkness
Which give ruthless tu us from starving for

Teacher .
Your Service will never fall into oblivion
Because you have educated life of nation
And create adolescent
bright Indonesia

Your work is glory
But big really your sacrifice
You are warrior without honors
Thank learn to the all your service

So how according to poem you? Who will give an appreciation?

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