Sinchan and Communist Mother Teacher.

First day [of] beautiful nan [in] a Red TK Rose which mothered by a Ms. teacher of Lisa which [is] have Communist [soul/ head] [to]. Ms. this Teacher start to enter class Zero and He start to teach to children of TK the about Understanding of Atheisme ( Understanding [Do] not Bertuhan).Ia start to take a Iiquidator of blackboard, and start to say [at] children of TK [in]. Its class [of] itu:“Anak-anak abolition of this blackboard looked to be caw???” at the same time [his] arms hapusan mengacung-acungkan [in front/ahead] of kelas…“KELIHATAAAAAN!!!” children word of TK in concern and bersemangat.“Yang seen that Keber-Ada-An menunjukan.

Become if this Iiquidator looked to be its meaning [of] this Iiquidator there [is] nggaaak?” ask him again to murid-muridnya.“ADAAAAAAAA!!” that children word full (of) semangat.Kemudian he start to put Iiquidator of blackboard [in] desk. He then take a white chalk. Later;Then say again [at] murid-muridnya:“Anak-anak, This chalk looked to be nggaak???” at the same time [his] arms again raise hand chalk [in front/ahead] of kelas.“KELIHATAAAAAN!!!” children word of TK in concern and bersemangat.“Nah!! If this chalk seen to mean this chalk there [is] nope?” ask him again to murid-muridnya.“ADAAAAAAAA!!” children word of[is spirit [of] without aling-aling.Lalu tedeng of[is the teacher start its communism doctrines input to children of TK tersebut.“ANAK-ANAK! THAT THE INFINITE LOOKED TO BE….. NOPE???” Ask him more the spirit [of] to children of muridnya.“GAAAAAK!!” call loudly direct pupil children with THAT THE INFINITE polosnya.“BERARTI THERE [IS] NGGAAAAK???” ask Ms. Teacher again ADAAAAAAAA bersemangat.“NGGAK!!” children word motivated without corner panjang.Di mikir behind class sudden stand up Sinchan pupil child which. Most badung and including most [of] nakal…Lalu he put into effect stoutly and pretend to know forwards class. Later;Then he/she say articulate [in front/ahead] of BRAIN MOTHER PLASTICITY kelas,“KAWAN-KAWAN… NGGAAK???” ask him [at] its friends [of] sekelas.“NGGAAAAAK!!” call loudly its friends [of] hardest direct class by ear from which [is] tadi.Kemudian he enquire BRAIN MOTHER lagi,“BERARTI LEARN THERE [IS] NGGAAAAK???”“NGGAK ADAAAAAAAA!!” [reply/ answer] daniel teman-temannya.

Oleh daniel, 13/10/05 dalam kategori Humor & Cerita Lucu

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